“Audacity of Hope”

8. Elpida / ελπίδα / (el-PEE-da)

Hope is an emotion that can be elusive, especially these days. Our perspectives seem to be marked by a cynicism that colors how we see everything.

The reason I chose this word though, is not because the idea is in any way novel or revelatory. Rather, for how it rolls off the tongue.

Seriously, say it out loud.


Hope in its current English form sounds a bit weak, if you ask me.

The emphasis of hard consonants and syllabic resonance manifesting as this Greek term allow one feel a more active participant in the verbal process.

Elpida simply feels more visceral… and thus, real.

When I hope for something, it’s likely that I’ll sit back and wait for “it” to happen.

For that very reason, it ceases to be an effective frame from where I can encounter change. According to Webster, to “hope” is to want something to happen or be true.

But the thing about wanting, it rarely means you’ll get. Desire is strong, sure.

But, action is a much stronger indicator of future prospects.

Thus, when I replace the airy and monosyllabic term of hope, with the more forceful (and I think, beautiful term) elpida, I can’t really help but begin to do something.

The very word imbues a sense physicality.

There are a lot of things people hope for in 2020, but as I look out my window of social media algorithms, I realize that this tends to manifest in the worst possible way.

Mud slinging cancel culturists have misappropriated our better angels, and now, we use this emotion as a means to absolve ourselves from the present reality.

“I hope things begin to get better”

No… you dont.

You just want someone else to fix the mess, so you can maintain your social standing in the interim. Floating through life, allowing the current of current culture to have its way with you…

This is not the way forward.

Personally, I think it’s about time we pair desire with action.

Instead of simply hoping for a better future, let’s plant our feet in Truth, begin to move forward with confidence.

Real hope, elpida hope… is when you realize that you are the author of your destiny.

So, you write it.

This is how we create a better world.

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I like big ideas and I cannot lie.

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