“Wisdom Personified”

9. Sophia / σοφία / (so-FEE-yah)

I think one of the more brilliant rhetorical devices we use in language, is that of personification. It allows previously dormant ideas to take on a new complexity.

The human elements give texture to what was previously a hazy extrapolation.

Sophia in Greek culture (you’ve probably noticed a pattern by now…) was the embodiment of wisdom.

The concept of wisdom being encapsulated in the female form is something that I can appreciate. It leaves the realm of book knowledge and gets to something more real.

She denotes the pure and the beautiful, the intriguing and desirable.

She is seen as the ideal, paramount to all other ethics.

Not just in Greece, either. (see Proverbs 4:7)

Skill, prudence, and sound judgement are all good things, but this type of wisdom tries to get at something deeper.

True understanding is the special sauce that comprises this type of higher awareness.

Regular knowledge is like knowing roads exist, true wisdom is being able to steer.

It transcends knowing, and graduates to application. Guiding our daily lives and dictating how we operate in this world.

In addition to a its manifestation as a sculpture, Sophia also happens to be central to many biblical teachings. 

In fact, Sophiology, which is a school of the Russian Orthodoxy, holds that real wisdom is one that aligns with the divine & ultimate essence of God.

Knowledge as head understanding, or wisdom as heart understanding?

B, final answer.

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