“Golden Joinery”

10. Kintsugi / 金継ぎ / (KIN-soo-jee)

In eastern philosophies, Kintsugi most directly translates as golden joinery.

A practice loosely associated with that of wabisabi, or the practice of embracing one’s imperfections.

Kintsugi also managed to transform itself into the artistic expression of ceramic repair.

In Japan, after bowls break they’re pieced back together using a golden adhesive which makes the final product more beautiful than the original. 

Kintsugi, Ceramic Bowl from above with golden adhesive

Kintsugi echoes the Japanese mantra that damage shouldn’t be hidden… but revealed. Take note, because this is a culture which is very layered and deeply philosophical.

This leads to the potency of their linguistic ideals which spread both far and wide across our global societies.

Ideas stemming from their written form have become wildly popular in American culture as well. Our infatuation with martial arts, Tokyo Drift, and Kanji tattoo designs are all testament to this fact.

To possess loveliness, even in the midst of recognizing your flaws, means to understand that the journey is everything.

Because, it’s yours.

A real contribution to a plastic world.

Beauty is not symmetry.

Beauty is not perfection.

Beauty is reality.

And when we begin to accept ourselves despite apparent defects, we usually find that others are more than willing to accept us, too.

So, love yourself.


And know, that the broken will be beautiful.

He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

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