“Meaningful Coincidence”

11. Synchronicity / (sin-kron-ISS-i-tee)

Spontaneous? Random? Or.. a meaningful coincidence?

A more recent addition to the English lexicon, and largely attributed to the late psychoanalyst Carl Jung in the 1930s.

A concept arrived upon after deep and long conversations with the intellectuals of his day – from Albert Einstein to Wolfgang Pauli.

So please understand, despite its supposed “spiritual” underpinnings, this idea is not meant to be abstract or esoteric – but a direct reflection stemming from decades of careful observations about the characteristics of reality.

This is not an opinion.

Synchronicity is a technical term that tries to express the apparent connectedness of life, all while giving us a better sense of perspective to interpret these “coincidences”.

When taken to it’s extreme, it means that everything that happens can take on a dramatic and important role if one is attuned to the correct frequency of being.

To be aware in an age where we are constantly being distracted takes effort. It’s much easier to hold the opposing view – that nothing matters.

At least then you’re off the hook. Do whatever you please.

Though, when you begin to understand the inherent miracle of being, you cannot help but begin to do away with such cynicism.

The grand orchestra of existence has no room for disbelief.

Therefore, here are my two cents.

In a time of screens, speakers, buzzes and bings;

sit down, be silent…

And be here.

Maybe, you’ll discover something new about what it means to be alive.

Maybe… you’ll even grow to realize that there is no such thing as a coincidence.

(Not even the fact that you’re reading this blog post, right now)

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I like big ideas and I cannot lie.

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