“Deep Purpose”

12. Ikigai / 生き甲斐 / (EYE-kuh-GYE)

Deep purpose, or reason for being.

Ikigai is another Japanese term, meaning life alive.

It encapsulates the ethos of moving in a direction that reflects a deep value placed on existence.

And remember, direction is more important than destination.

By seeking the deeper implications of life, one can begin to discover a purpose that transcends the daily grind and elevates our suffering to something more meaningful.

I think that to get here, we must understand a deeper truth about the paradoxical nature being.

We may all be breathing.

But some are simply exhaling to death.

Discovering ikigai may be the most important step necessary in helping reverse our collective drudgery while turning our pain into paint.

Because money is fake. Rules are too.

What’s real, is that soul you’ve got hiding inside.

It’s time to listen…

(And don’t delay, your life quite literally depends on it.)

Published by Toso

I like big ideas and I cannot lie.

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