“Create as I Speak”

13. Abracadabra / (AHB-ruh-kuh-DAHB-ruh)


Something like that.

According Oxford’s English Dictionary, the origin of abracadabra is “officially” unknown… but that hasn’t stopped people from taking a few good guesses.

“Several folk etymologies are associated with the word: from phrases in Hebrew that mean “I will create as I speak”, or Aramaic “I create like the word” (אברא כדברא), to etymologies that point to similar words in Latin and Greek such as abraxas

Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

It seems to me that abracadabra has a bit of a muddy lineage, though the debate deals more with which specific linguistic branch it came from.

The way I see it, abracadabra is an exercise in thought creation, relating closely to the concept of metacognition; or thinking about what you’re thinking about.

When you speak, you change the physical nature of your reality.

These are facts.

From tonal vibrations which manipulate the air around you, to chemical reactions bombarding the brain inside you.

Here’s what I think it means;

We have the power to be conscious.

To take part in the grand symphony of existence.

To authentically live and share our own unique spin on reality.

To form and reform our immediate condition to fit the desires we hold dear.

To be alive, not just breathing… and, to quite literally “create as we speak”

Call it the power of positivity, or the law of attraction.

Whatever you’d like.

positive thinking comic by SAD BOY

Just know that your words have power.

Fact is, most of us think the same things every day. This results in deeply adapted lines of thought which permeate our brains. We get used to the ideas we hold, and they eventually become barriers, if we aren’t careful.

“I’m so dumb” doesn’t seem like a very harmful thing to say on its face, but..

What if you made a habit of saying, “I’m loving” or “I’m intelligent” instead?

Could that positively impact your state of being?

Overtime… yes.

You have the power to train your subconscious mind with your thoughts and your words. To have it take on roles our conscious mind wishes to inhabit.

But you must be intentional. Thats the whole point, casting a spell (another interesting word) isn’t much different than voicing a plan.

When we make the choice to chase freedom over comfort, it’s only a matter of time before our words begin to line up with our deeds and transform the fabric of existence.

So don’t call yourself stupid, you might start to believe it.

Instead, take account of your thoughts, they will manifest.

I dont know… sounds like magic to me.

We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ…

2 Corinthians 10:5

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