“You are Eternal”

16. Ab Aeterno / (AHB aye-TEHR-noh)

Latin culture is one that is rich in ideas. A derivative of Greek, yet inhabiting its own section of the Indo-European linguistic tree.

Most terms relating to science and law come from here, and it makes sense.

Rome was the biggest exporter of Western Culture for much of our recent history, and in turn, their language forms the mental scaffolding with which we hang our thoughts.

Ab aeterno is one such idea, and it translates as from eternity.

For some linguists, it refers to our human experiences coming from a shared history.

In theology, it indicates that a thing was created outside of time.

To me it means something a bit different.

Eternity is not history, because eternity is infinite while history is fixed.

Thereby, ab aeterno points more to how we came into being, and not necessarily when.

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Stay with me.

Infinity is indistinguishable on a timeline, because it takes up the entire thing, right?

And so, from my rudimentary level of mathematical understanding, to be from eternitymeans to be eternal.

Basically; ∞ ÷ ? = ∞.

No matter which way you slice it.

No matter how much you divide or multiply.

No matter how much you add to or subtract from infinity

You still remain, inherently infinite.

Personally –

I think, we sell ourselves short.

As creatures made in the image of God, we each have within us an aspect of The Eternal, yet… we walk around pretending to be regular, just in case we’re wrong…

Maybe it’s time we stop listening to what the world says of us and our limitations.

Maybe we should begin tuning into what our Creator says of us and all our potential glory.

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