Wyatt Weaver

What does it mean to be “adventurous”? In a world that has reduced responsibility to a buzzword, and encourages dependence on every level, it seems that our naturally wild spirits have become tamed by the allure of modernity. Adventure has taken a backseat, as folks would rather be safe than sorry. I get it. MonotonyContinue reading “Wyatt Weaver”

Will Lee

Reality can be a doozy. Often times, it can even render us immobilized. Whether out of fear, anxiety, or from literal physical limitations. Life doesn’t pull punches. Often leaving many feeling like the proverbial “deer in headlights.” Or worse, like Nate Robinson after a ill advised bout. But then, there’s Will. He instead decides toContinue reading “Will Lee”

Alvy Butler

There are people who have a knack for seeing the good. An overall disposition that allows for greater perspective, no matter the situation. Alvy Butler, Jr. is one of those people. An individual fully committed to his walk with Christ, and equally as such in loving folks as they are. And really, that’s the goalContinue reading “Alvy Butler”

Devren Austin

A ball of light that spreads joy wherever she goes. A kind soul, always with a word of encouragement for those in need. A beautifully black and superbly self confident being who radiates realness and love. Meet Dev. Queens come in all shapes, sizes, personalities and temperaments. Part of what makes Devren unique is herContinue reading “Devren Austin”

Isaac Hibdon

What does it mean to be an artist today? Or, maybe a better question… How does one stay true to the process of creating authentically? Especially in an age where commercial interests reign supreme? Enter Isaac Hibdon. An art graduate from small school near Chicago who specializes in photorealistic pencil drawings and graphic design. Also,Continue reading “Isaac Hibdon”

Ayo Volas

Ayo Volas. An enigma, but only for those who refrain from understanding. There’s an intensity about his spirit, a “wont-say-die” attitude that permeates his being and spreads like wildfire to those close enough to catch his drift. I know him as Ayomide. But, you can’t call him that. Not yet. It’s nothing personal, just… namesContinue reading “Ayo Volas”