Geoff Burch

There’s an insidious strain of apathy making it’s way around the internet these days. A growing sense that our lives are no longer our own, or that the decisions we make are ultimately up to someone else. Truth is, most of us have been programmed to follow rules that no longer serve us. Our highestContinue reading “Geoff Burch”

Justin Clark

People come in all shapes, sizes, colors and hues. This is not news. What is news apparently, is our ability to transcend these divisions and reunify under the banner of one humanity. One love. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet. The original sins from slavery to Jim Crow still go unaccounted for, and African Americans oftenContinue reading “Justin Clark”

Kavin Wadhar

What does the future of learning entail? It’s a question that deserves some thought. We are soon to enter a world where jobs will be created at a faster clip than we can account for via traditional means of education. In fact, one statistic pulled from The Institute for the Future even states that “85%Continue reading “Kavin Wadhar”

Alonna Williams

What does it mean to be educated? In a day and age where information is ubiquitous, the space has become increasingly fragmented. And people are starting to ask questions. Between private and public, Montessori’s and home schools – even MOOCs and online courses. The game is rapidly changing. Now, it’s not just what we learn.Continue reading “Alonna Williams”


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About Me

Hi, I’m human.*

A former child.

Recently began adulting.

Kind of.

Really, figuring it out as I go.

This blog is about nothing in particular.

(Unless you think it is.)

WRH Project Updates

Coming early 2021.

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